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Saturday, November 30th 2019. | proposal


Teleseminars-Content-That-Works Teleseminars Content That Works

Teleseminars Content That Works

One of the most frequently asked questions about teleseminaring is, “What am I talking about?” Reformulated it says: “What content sells?”

Here are 5 ways to not only find something to talk about but also to find a profitable topic.

1. Ask questions. Ask your potential audience what they want to know. A simple ASK campaign is the fastest way to get many questions about your topic. In this way, you can also judge if a topic sells. If you can get people to ask questions, you can eventually get them to listen to the answers.

However, if you have no questions on the subject, it probably will not be “sold” as a teleseminar topic.

If you have any questions, look for the topics. And turn these topics into the ten most common questions. With that in mind, it’s easy to write your sales letter to highlight the ten topics you’ll discuss on the call.

2. Watch the news in your field. You may want to set up a Google Notification that notifies you of the latest news on your topic. Look at the discussion forums to see what people are discussing. They will quickly pick up the current topics.

All you have to do now is decide if you want to set up an ASK campaign to get the questions, or an interview with an expert to answer the questions. But you will know that it will “sell” as it has already been identified as a hot topic.

3. Find experts in your field and interview them. Everyone likes the idea of ​​getting insider tips from experts. So, look for the experts you’d like to hear about and ask for an interview.

Once you have decided on the topic you want to interview them for, you will most likely be sent a list of questions that you can ask in an interview. But do not be afraid to ask additional questions or questions to clarify their answers. That’s what makes an interview interesting – the little nuggets that the host can extract from the expert.

4. Look for problems. Listen to the conversations your colleagues have to lead to see what bothers them. Check the discussion forums to see which topics keep coming up. Which problems never seem to be solved?

Look for solutions to these common problems. Research and find answers to your questions in a teleseminar format. This may even be the beginning of a product based on the Teleseminar.

5. You select the topic. You are already an expert in your field. You know what questions people ask. They know what they need to know to succeed in the field. Just list the topics and create a teleseminar series. Your first teleseminar could be the “Survey Course”, which covers all subjects at a very shallow depth. Then offer a paid series, which deals in detail with the individual topics. Not only do you have an excellent home study course, you will also help your clients by providing the information that you know they need.

If you’ve ever wondered what I can talk about, read this list for ideas straight away. You will never run out of topics again.

Dr. Jeanette Cates, The Technology Tamer, works with independent professionals willing to turn their knowledge and websites into gold. She is the creator of the online success system and author of six books.