Acceptance Letter Sample


Acceptance-Letter-Sample Acceptance Letter Sample

Acceptance Letter Sample

With the tide of offerings arriving every day at the vendor’s front doors, today’s competitive buyer must find a way to stand out from the crowd. Financially well-qualified is no longer the magic orb that brings her first in the circle of winners. If a buyer is to succeed in hitting other well-qualified buyers, they need a competitive advantage. This can surprisingly be achieved with a simple, well-written, personal letter, which is presented as a cover sheet for a formal purchase offer for private homes.

This recent challenge has led to further significant disappointment for home buyers buying buyers. In addition, the current market for agents, who sometimes have to write more than 20 offers to succeed, has brought a significant amount of work, creating stress for the entire team. It is especially heartbreaking to watch a homebuyer lose a house he fell in love with for the first time. What should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience has become an often negative and disheartening experience for many.

After experiencing this unpleasant situation in person, I began to think that there had to be a way to do something else to ask my clients … but what was that? This situation bothered me for some time, then it hit me one day! I somehow had to appeal to the seller’s emotions by demonstrating that a purchase offer came from a real person. This became clear when I thought back to a certain time when I showed a young couple how they bought their first house, a property that was under monument protection just this morning. We arrived in the afternoon and the property had been shown several times already. The owner happened to be home and greeted us at the door with a smile. Instead of going like most sellers, they stayed. As a talkative type they were very proud of their well-kept home and gave us the great tour of everything and everywhere.

As the tour unfolded, I noticed that the owner joined with my young couple and when we parted we were assured that they were the new owners of this beautiful house. When I talked to the seller later that afternoon, she mentioned that their sellers were so impressed with my buyers that they would accept their offer, even though they had received several offers the very first day.

Usually buyers do not often have the opportunity to interact with sellers, but I’ve learned a lot from this brief encounter. I then knew it was my job to personalize my buyer by creating a well-written letter that I could attach to each purchase proposal as a cover sheet. The letter had to draw a vivid, living picture of every shopper that goes beyond the written word. The letter should come from the heart, communicate with the sellers and express a genuine sense of excitement about owning the house.

So I set to work and created a sample letter as a guide that I could share with my buyers. I suggest that they write a personal letter highlighting who they are and presenting it as a cover sheet of their purchase offer. Overnight, I noticed a difference in the attitude of the sellers when they received our personalized offers from real people. In the following, I have defined the key elements needed to catch the attention of your salesperson when reading a home buyer’s purchase offer letter.

Dear seller: Start your letter with an appropriate salutation like “hello” or “greetings”. If possible, use the name of the seller. Courtesy and respect set the tone for a friendly start.

Short in length: Keep it short and sweet. Your letter should not be longer than 3-4 paragraphs. If your letter is too long, you lose the interest of the seller in a sea of ​​words. Start with an introductory paragraph and conclude with a summary of wow paragraphs. Leave the seller with a lasting impression of your buyers who live at home.

Use good grammar: This sounds elementary, but a grammatically correct letter will grab the reader’s attention, just as a bad one could kill a business by turning off the seller. Use complete sentences and avoid using slang or inappropriate terms. In other words, write in formal mode.

Express Your Strengths: Put yourself in a good light when talking about yourself. Which characteristics or characteristics do you characterize as a “special” person? Are you charitable, volunteer, etc. But be sincere and humble. This is not the time to boast and beat your breasts.

Pepper it with personality: express your true inner feelings, emotions and excitement. Your sincerity and authenticity will shine through. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Why you love the house: Try to connect emotionally and tell the seller what you love about the house and why you want to live there. Choose your favorite place at home and explain it. “I really love the backyard oasis and can not wait to spend many wonderful afternoons swimming in the pool.”

Love Your Neighborhood: Buyers often choose a home based on the neighborhood in which the home is located. The seller loved it, so you should. This is another way to get in touch with the seller. Express this point in a few words. “I will enjoy doing evening walks on the relaxing paths by moonlight”.

Imagine, you live at home: This is an excellent element for the final paragraph. When a young couple shop, tell them how excited it will be to raise their family there and spend many wonderful years sharing good times and creating memories. The words flow as soon as you start writing. This should be the emotional statement that binds the seller to the buyer so much that he screams, “I like these buyers and want them to live in my house!”

Financial Stability: Hopefully your buyer is financially sound, so call it out. A little boasting can not hurt here. A solid career with a Fortune 500 company or a young, aspiring professional with a bright and promising career should help attract the attention of the seller. The seller feels safer when your buyer is financially secure. Do not forget to attach a prequalification letter to your package. This is another dimension of successful acceptance.

Thank you: Above all, do not forget to sincerely thank the seller for the opportunity to possibly own his own home. Be positive and polite and do not forget to sign the letter.

Every buyer, every age: I have found this strategy for writing letters to work with all buyers, not just a specific population group. The personalization of your particular buyer will delight the seller and complete the deal!

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